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Moments In Life That Define You

By making the best of all things we make the most of ourselves.

How can chemotherapy be made to feel uplifting rather than terrifying?

There are moments in life that define you. Not always on the outside for others to see, but on the inside.

Not only was having cancer one of the scariest things I've ever experienced, it was also one of the hardest. There are numerous layers of difficulty you endure, especially as a single mother. I had to be a mom and take care of my kids even on the days I felt extremely sick and weak.

I can still remember sitting in bed crying because I couldn't lift myself up... but I had to. I had to drive my kids to school and I had no idea how I was going to do it. All I could do was focus on finding the strength to move my body while praying, asking for the strength to take one step, pausing, and then asking for enough strength to take another.

When you don't have a choice, it is amazing what all you can do. The impossible becomes possible. It is moments like this that really push you past the limits of strength you thought you had, and make you realize what all you are capable of.

Finding ways to take the edge off of hardship is so important. Being playful did that for me. I would make myself do it, even if I wasn't in the mood. I liked finding healthy and fun ways of distracting myself and in the process, it shifted my perception of what was happening.

Creating costumes to wear for my infusions was one activity I especially enjoyed. I tried finding characters that fit my bald head or situation and I spent a lot of time planning and gathering materials to put them together. Because it was like Halloween every time, it made treatments something to look forward to. I wasn't focused on fear, stress, or illness. I was focused on something that made me really happy and excited. My children loved seeing what I was working on, also shifting their anxieties to more positive energies.

When I reflect on this challenging time, I see the specific moments that shaped who I am today and how profound their influence was. I am grateful for the opportunity the experience gave me to grow in strength, wisdom, and awareness. It certainly put life into perspective.

What was one of your defining moments, and how has it shaped the person you are today?


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