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Intro to Hypnosis Session

What's Included?

- Hypnosis Session

- Satisfied Curiosity About Hypnosis

-Expanded Worldview Through New Experiences



45 minutes



Only $75 per session

Shadows on the Wall

Discovering Hypnosis:

An Introductory Session


Are you curious about the world of hypnosis but not quite ready to commit to a full transformative journey? The "Intro to Hypnosis" session is designed just for you.


Explore Hypnosis Curiosity: 

Ideal for those who are intrigued by hypnosis, this session offers a gentle introduction to its wonders.


Discover My Unique Hypnotic Style: 

Every hypnotist has their own approach; this session allows you to experience my distinct style, helping you decide if it resonates with you.


Unlock Inner Potential: 

While not a deep dive into specific issues, this session paves the way for self-discovery and personal growth, preparing you for future exploration.



Unlock the door to your inner world, where transformation begins. Take your first step toward a brighter, more empowered tomorrow.

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